Studio Molen’s Playground


Inrichting, productie en PR voor in house tentoonstelling bij Studio Molen op het Hembrugterrein in Zaandam.

Frederik Molenschot (1981, NL) chose a former munitions factory in Zaandam to set up his studio as the cavernous white building provides more than 1000m2 in which to let his imagination run loose. Building 429 is the place where Molenschot turns his thoughts and ideas into shapes and forms. Together with his team he develops and creates site-specific designs, autonomous works of art and monumental light sculptures, including his CityLights and GingerBlimps.

Everything Studio Molen produces, from the initial model to the final object is made by hand in Building 429, and the shape and finish of every item reveals that the making process is an essential part of its identity.

During his education at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Molenschot experimented with a wide range of materials and developed a deep interest in bronze. Ten years down the line, it has become Studio Molen’s signature material in an ever-expanding oeuvre that can be best described as ‘Mega Structurism’. This body of work encompasses public spaces, cities and infrastructure. In his sculptural designs Molenschot captures the rhythm of urban structures and visualizes (future) networked cities and landscapes. His CityLight series is a case in point. It represents an endless highway with streetlights, and by mimicking the sensation of rushing through a repetitive streetscape it creates a hallucinating effect, while simultaneously envisioning a futuristic conglomerate urban area that spans the globe.