Inrichting, productie en tekst voor de tentoonstelling Vrijstaat van Atelier Van Lieshout op het terrein van Kasteel Keukenhof.

Over de tentoonstelling:

On June 1, the solo exhibition Vrijstaat by Atelier Van Lieshout will open on the grounds of Kasteel Keukenhof. The exhibition presents a diverse and broad selection of work from the studio, from different time periods. In line with one of the major and recurring themes in the work by Atelier Van Lieshout, the works will manifest as a settlement around Kasteel Keukenhof and enter into a relationship with each other.

The works that were chosen for the exhibition offer a reflection on social structures, systems and notions of self-sufficiency. On show are, amongst others, the installations Cradle to Cradle and Technocrat, and works from the latest series of works by Atelier Van Lieshout,  New Tribal Labyrinth. Part of this series, and on view for public display for the first time, are the monuments to the machinery of the industrial revolution, including a ten-meter high steam hammer in brightly colored polyester.

A catalogue will be published in conjunc­tion with the exhibition.